Caring for your jewelry

At Opus 4, we hand-craft unique brass jewelry, known for their bright luster and gleam. The quality of your jewelry is extremely important to us. When new and cleaned, this metal has a shine as good as gold. Many factors can influence the wear and tear of your jewelry but above all, what’s important is that you remember, jewelry is delicate and needs to be carefully looked after so you can enjoy wearing it for as long as possible!

Do's & Don’ts

  • We strongly advise that you remove jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming because water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can affect the longevity of the metal and encourage tarnishing or dull the colors.
  • Always apply moisturiser, make-up, hair spray and perfume before putting your jewelry on, as the chemicals in these can affect their beauty and shine.
  • Remove jewelry when doing household tasks such as cleaning and when playing sports or engaging in other strenuous activities to avoid them getting scratched or being harmed by sharp blows.
  • Extreme temperatures and strong UV rays can cause stones to fade in color and lose their original beauty, so do not keep jewelry in direct sunlight and remove it whilst sunbathing.
  • When in doubt about other materials on your jewelry, stick to warm water and non-detergent soap as that works for anything.

Storing your jewelry

Please take care to store your jewelry separately, so that it does not get entangled, damaged or scratched by other pieces. If possible, store your jewelry in its original packaging or wrap it in acid free-tissue paper and place it in a sturdy jewelry box or an airtight container.