Handmade in Greece

As Greeks we love & adore our country. This love has led us to stay in Greece and create our brand in 2007, during a very difficult time period; the peack of the economic crisis. No matter how bad the timing or the circumstances was, our company has managed to make it through.

Year by year our team starts growing bigger and stronger. From Giorgos, Vassilis, Leonidas, Kostantina the jewelry technitians, to Ilianna, Mado, Maria the ladies in the mass production and communication, our jewelry are processed and manufactured with passion and "meraki". The ancient techniques of jewelry craftmanship combined with the endless thirst of following the fashion trends, creating unique jewelry.

Conquering the love of - not only the greek but also the foreign audience - our brand is here, in Greece, to stay. Opus 4 is Handmade in Greece.